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Franchise Opportunity

Looking to become self employed and be your own boss? Are you looking for a franchise opportunity with great support, training and customer service? Join our magazine franchise in bringing luxury items, arts and entertainment, health and fitness, real estate, great businesses and restaurants to the residents of your area! We can help you build your franchise into a high profit, moneymaking venture for years to come. Through our experience and expertise, we can help you avoid costly mistakes, save you time and money and provide valuable resources for your franchise. Sound interesting? Then this business may be the best way for you to attain your goals.


Flavor affords you the opportunity to work your own hours, be your own boss, with none of the risks associated with starting your own business from scratch. Unlike other magazine franchises that are geared towards one industry or another, a Flavor franchise allows you the opportunity to sell advertising to just about any type of business. Unlike buying a real estate franchise or other business franchise, a Flavor franchise allows you to sell ads to health and fitness professionals, restaurants, retail stores, furniture stores, art galleries or just about any other business you can imagine.


Flavor is a true lifestyle magazine allowing you to provide your advertisers and readers with a very wide variety of ads and great content. Owning your own business allows you to meet new people, get them excited about you and to advertise their business with your magazine, which helps them build their business and make more money!


If you’re looking for an advertising franchise, Flavor Magazine is right for you for many reasons. Flavor provides all your design and printing at the best rates anywhere. If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, we will be happy to assist you with graphic design, web support, sales training, business cards and media kits and all the help you need to make your magazine franchise successful!


Let us help make you successful! Call us today at (754) 422-2806 and we will help get you started as soon as possible!